Getting to Know Candy Consumers 2022

Non-chocolate candy is the second-largest selling confectionery category accounting for 32% of all confectionery dollars and growth is outpacing that of all other segments (Source: IRI). Uncover the power and potential of the non-chocolate confectionery market in NCA’s brand new report, Getting to Know Candy Consumers.

NCA Announces 2023 Future Leadership Program Class

The National Confectioners Association today announced six confectionery industry professionals selected for the 2023 Future Leadership Program. The program is dedicated to helping young professionals across the confectionery industry access networking and professional development opportunities to grow their careers.  

NCA Statement on Consumer Reports Chocolate and Cocoa Study

In response to the December 15, 2022, Consumer Reports study on chocolate and cocoa, the National Confectioners Association released the following statement: Chocolate and cocoa are safe to eat and can be enjoyed as treats as they have been for centuries. The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) guidelines cited in the Consumer Reports study are not food safety standards.

The Power of SWEET

Manufacturers of chocolate, candy, gum and mints directly employ nearly 58,000 people across the United States with almost 700,000 jobs supported in related industries, including agriculture, retail, transportation and more. Altogether, the confectionery industry contributes more than $37 billion in retail sales to the U.S. economy each year and has at least one manufacturing facility in each of the fifty U.S. states.

Map of the United States

Box of chocolate truffles

Always A TREAT

America’s leading chocolate and candy companies have committed to providing consumers with information, options, and support as they enjoy their favorite treats, pledging half of their individually wrapped products will be available in sizes that contain 200 calories or less per pack and 90 percent will feature calorie information on the front of the pack by 2022.

Fun and UNIQUE

Chocolate, candy, gum and mints hold a special place in our lives. From holidays and celebrations to everyday moments of joy, confectionery can play a role in a happy, balanced lifestyle. America’s candy makers are proud to be part of those family traditions. Yes, we makes delicious treats, but we’re also helping to make memories.   


Palmer Candy

What began as a family venture in 1878, Palmer Candy has become an iconic producer of chocolate and candy known for its commitment to quality and reliability. The creator of the Bing candy bar, a favorite in the Midwest, Palmer Candy also produces holiday offerings including an expansive line of chocolate bark available in both peppermint and hot cocoa flavors. Still a family-run company in Sioux Falls, Iowa, Palmer Candy prides itself on its classic and innovative confectionery offerings – all of which are created using the best ingredients and time-honored production techniques.  

Palmer Candy

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Did You Know?


of all adults believe it is perfectly fine to occasionally treat with chocolate or candy


Number of times per week, most people in the U.S. enjoy chocolate & candy


One U.S. confectionery job supports ten other American jobs


The National Confectioners Association is the leading trade organization for the U.S. confectionery industry, which generates more than $42 billion in retail sales each year. Making chocolate, candy, gum and mints, the industry employs nearly 58,000 workers in more than 1,600 manufacturing facilities across all 50 states. NCA advocates for an environment that enables candy makers to thrive and work to ensure that chocolate and candy are celebrated for their contributions to culture, society, the economy and everyday moments of joy.


Foster an environment that enables candy makers to thrive and promote the unique role of confections in a happy, balanced lifestyle. The National Confectioners Association advances, protects and promotes the confectionery industry.


Chocolate and candy are celebrated for their contributions to our culture, our society, our economy and our everyday moments of joy.