Purpose-Driven Leadership

America’s chocolate and candy companies are committed to helping consumers manage their sugar intake. With strong directional alignment across all types of confectionery companies, we’re empowering consumers to make informed choices and helping them satisfy their emotional well-being needs…one treat at a time.

Industry-Wide Collaboration

More options. 200 calories or less.

In the next few years, people will see more chocolate and candy options in smaller pack sizes with clear calorie labels right on the front of the pack.

Front-of-Pack Calorie Label

Embracing portion guidance & transparency

By 2022:


of our individually wrapped products will be available in sizes that contain 200 calories or less per pack.


of the best-selling treats we make will have calorie information printed on the front of the pack, helping consumers make informed choices.

Consumer Education & Support

With a focus on those times throughout the year when chocolate and candy play an important role, we’re providing tools and resources for consumers as they seek to manage their sugar intake. AlwaysATreat.com is a digital hub full of easy-to-use information about the unique role that chocolate and candy plays in a happy, balanced lifestyle.

Our Partnership

Always A Treat rests on a five-year commitment that we made to Partnership for a Healthier America, a highly regarded nonprofit organization that tracks and verifies our work on this initiative in conjunction with a well-respected policy research organization, Hudson Institute.

Learn more at AlwaysATreat.com.