Nominate Your Outstanding Customer for the Confectionery Leadership Awards

Each year, NCA and Candy & Snack TODAY recognize and award retail and wholesale professionals in the confectionery industry for their significant industry contributions. NCA created these awards to honor the confectionery industry’s best and most innovative category champions and leaders. This prestigious award will be presented in March at the State of the Industry Conference.

Confectionery Leadership Award

Who are the buyers, category managers and retail executives that push our industry forward in new and exciting ways? It only takes a few minutes to nominate your deserving customer for the Confectionery Leadership Awards. Go ahead – make their day!

Questions? We’re here to help you with the nomination process. Please contact Lynn Wylie at the NCA at 202-534-1466 or [email protected].

  • Think about the results your nominee has delivered to the confectionery category in the past 12 – 18 months and answer the following questions. Please be specific.

    **Nomination forms need to be filled out completely for award consideration**

  • Give examples of how the nominee has demonstrated visionary leadership to elevate their confectionery business and advance the category.
  • Give examples of how the nominee used innovation, trends and/or consumer insights to grow their confectionery business (e.g., innovative marketing, merchandising, promotions, product development, etc.)
  • Give examples of category growth that has directly resulted from the nominee’s leadership, vision and/or category management skills. If possible, please quantify with specific growth percentages.
  • Give examples of how the nominee has successfully partnered with you and/or other manufacturers in our industry to support and move the category forward
  • Give examples of what the nominee has done to improve the corporate social responsibility of the confectionery industry (e.g., environmental impact, transparency, sustainability, etc.)
  • If you have any questions, please contact Lynn Wylie or call (202) 534-1440.