Nominate Your Outstanding Customer for the 2023 Confectionery Leadership Award

Nomination deadline: November 28, 2022.

Who are the buyers, category managers and retail executives that push our industry forward in new and exciting ways?

Each year, the National Confectioners Association and Candy & Snack TODAY recognize and honor confectionery retail and wholesale leaders for their significant industry contributions. This prestigious award will be presented in March at the State of the Industry Conference.

Confectionery Leadership Award

Recipients of this year’s award will be selected based on their demonstrated expertise in:

  • Leveraging leadership, experience and insights to move the confectionery industry forward in today’s competitive landscape
  • Building relationships and growing new business with confectionery manufacturers and shoppers
  • Driving best practices at retail and within the supply chain
  • Modeling category promotion, product and merchandising innovation and cross-functional collaboration for other retailers and wholesalers

It only takes a few minutes to nominate your deserving customer for the Confectionery Leadership Award. Go ahead – make their day!

Simply fill in the blanks on this nomination form and submit it by November 28.

Questions? No problem. We’re here to help you with the nomination process. Please contact Lynn Wylie at the NCA at 801-879-6981 or [email protected].

  • Nomination Form

  • Review your nominee’s contributions to the confectionery category in the past 12-18 months, and answer the following questions. Please cite examples and provide evidence when possible.

  • Give examples of how your nominee has demonstrated visionary leadership to elevate their confectionery business and advance the category.
  • Give examples of how your nominee used innovation and/or consumer insights and trends to grow his/her confectionery business (e.g., innovative marketing, merchandising, promotions, product development, etc.).
  • Give examples of category growth that has been a direct result of your nominee’s leadership, vision and/or category management skills.
  • Give examples of how your nominee has successfully partnered with you and/or other manufacturers in our industry to support and move the category forward.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Lynn Wylie or call 801-879-6981.