2024 Flavor, Product Trends Showcased At Sweets & Snacks Expo


Indianapolis – The National Confectioners Association (NCA) has revealed 2024’s top candy and snack trends. 

For nearly three decades, the trends showcased at the Sweets & Snacks Expo have influenced trends across the food industry – and with 1,000 exhibitors spread across more than 250,000 square feet of the show floor, the opportunity for trendspotting is unmatched.

“The candy and snack categories have always been on the cutting edge of innovation, as the entire food industry looks for inspiration from the trends found at the Sweets & Snacks Expo.”  John Downs, president and CEO of the National Confectioners Association  said. “Each year, the show is host to a community willing to fully embrace the spirit of innovation, which is a net positive for everyone: manufacturers flex their creativity, retailers surprise shoppers throughout the store, and consumers benefit from a wide range of choices in the candy and snack aisles.”

Here are the top trends consumers can expect to see in the candy and snack aisles in the coming months:

  • Enhancing special moments and occasions: Companies are meeting consumers where they want to be met with innovative new products to celebrate the big four seasons and a variety of package size options that can brighten any occasion, from the Super Bowl to summer barbecues to Halloween and everything in between. Candy and snacks enhance special moments, including family traditions, social gatherings, and seasonal celebrations.
  • Multisensory experiences: Consumers will be delighted by fun and unique textures and flavor combinations, whether enjoying freeze-dried candy and puffed snacks or a never-before-tasted mix of flavors and textures combined.
  • Social media stars: Candy and snacks take the spotlight on social media as consumers share their favorite innovations. Expect the upcoming buzz on TikTok and Instagram to include interactive and gamified products.