Wonderful Pistachios Partners With Panda Global As Official Snack


Los Angeles — The Wonderful Co. LLC is partnering with gaming organization Panda Global as an official snack of the Panda Cup, the first North American Super Smash Bros. circuit to be officially licensed by Nintendo Co., Ltd. 

The company will also be the title sponsor of the “Wonderful Pistachios Last Chance Qualifier” on December 15 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The day-long event is free and will feature activation booths and sampling of various No Shells pistachios flavors.

“The Super Smash Bros. franchise and family-centric nature of Nintendo make the opportunity to be a part of this historic Panda Cup a natural fit,” says Diana Salsa, associate vice-president of marketing, Wonderful Pistachios. “The team at Panda Global is providing us with an amazing opportunity in competitive gaming to share our flavorful, protein-forward snack nuts with new audiences on multiple touch points throughout the circuit.”

As part of the partnership, the company will also serve as the Analyst Desk sponsor for the Panda Cup Finale, which takes place from December 16-18 and offers a $100,000 prize pool for the winners. In addition to the in-person events, the qualifying rounds and finale will be broadcast on Twitch, where viewers will see Wonderful Pistachios ad spots featuring the No Shells mascot, Sheldon the tortoise. 

“I’ve always made sure to have a bag of Wonderful Pistachios in my pantry long before we found out they’re big fans of Super Smash Bros.,” says Alan Bunney, CEO of Panda Global. “We’re very excited that Wonderful Pistachios is joining the Panda Cup to celebrate our community and help us take things to the next level. And I’m looking forward to all the pistachio flavors they’re bringing with them!”