5 Snack Trends For Nut Lovers From Flagstone Foods’ Overly


Indiana Convention Center — When it comes to snack nuts, Flagstone Foods CEO Harry Overly recently told Candy & Snack TODAY that in 2024 retailers should be looking for products ranging from indulgence to better-for-you options, the resurgence of throwback treats, elevated flavors and a heightened focus on seasonal specialties. 

He offered these five nut-centric trends:

1. Embracing Permissible Indulgence: More than half of today’s consumers want snacks that are fun to eat, reported Circana. However, up-ticking health trends also acknowledge that many consumers feel the pressure to steer toward better-for-you food options. 

That’s why permissible indulgence has emerged as the solution, allowing consumers to feel better about their snacking by choosing craveable options that seamlessly integrate health benefits. Think: trail mixes with nourishing, power-up almonds that complement the sweet bursts of flavor. Trail mix flavors such as blueberry lemon scone and keto-certified coconut dark chocolate offer additional benefits beyond just being a tasty treat. 

2. Buying Throwback Treats: In the ever-evolving world of snacking, it’s no surprise flavors reminiscent of our childhood are making a triumphant comeback. According to Circana, 46 percent of consumers are now seeking out nostalgic snack flavors that transport them back to the days of their youth. What better way to capture that essence than with throwback-inspired trail mixes like cotton candy, root beer float, orange vanilla cream and peanut butter s’mores?

These combinations give classic flavors a modern twist. They elevate the familiar and, like a child’s imagination, make consumers more inclined to explore. In the end, nostalgia and innovation blend to make snacking a comfortable yet exciting experience.

3. Kicking It Up With Kettle Glazed: Kettle glazed nuts and trail mixes offer a fusion of sweet and savory, crunchy and tender. Crafted in small batches using traditional flame-fired kettles, these snacks promise a unique taste and texture. Products like glazed doughnut almonds and salted caramel macadamia nuts are taking the snacking world by storm. A modern take on a traditional kettle-cooking process results in whole nuts, not bits and pieces, that create a satisfying crunch. 

4. Getting Into The Seasonal Spirit: Consumer trends show a renewed focus on celebrating holidays and special moments. Starbucks embraced the seasonal spirit when it introduced the pumpkin spice latte back in 2003, leading to an annual expenditure of more than $500 million on pumpkin spice-flavored items in the U.S. in 2022.

The snack and nut industry has embraced seasonal flavors, including gingerbread, salted caramel apple, peppermint, and even red, white and blue trail mixes, making these seasonal trends a fixture in snacking. Now, the industry faces a critical decision when learning how to best optimize and bring these flavors to market. Retailers and brands will play a vital role in ensuring these seasonal trends align with how consumers choose to enhance their seasonal snacking experience.

5. Dipping Into Dessert Flavors: While dessert might be a forbidden pleasure for some, consumers have found alternatives by choosing plant-based protein options such as nuts with dessert-inspired twists. New offerings like turtle sundae trail mix and birthday cake trail mix have become go-to treats for those seeking a dose of dessert-like decadence with a health-conscious option. These snacks make it easier for individuals to enjoy their favorite dessert flavors while maintaining their fitness and lifestyle goals.