Acosta Looks At Thanksgiving 2023 Trends, Insights


Jacksonville, FL — Acosta Group’s proprietary Shopper Community revealed that prices remain a big concern among consumers heading into Thanksgiving, with 40 percent of shoppers seeking deals, using coupons and comparison shopping.

The study is an overview and exploration into the intentions and shopping behaviors of those gathering for Thanksgiving, evaluating basic shopper preferences around Thanksgiving meal fare, including proposed spend and changes in purchasing habits due to the high cost of food.

The research found that a majority of hosts plan to prepare the entire Thanksgiving meal themselves, with half of shoppers anticipating $100+ spend (7-in-10 households with children will spend more than $100). Despite the fact that most Thanksgiving meals are homemade, 45 percent of all shoppers would consider just buying the whole thing.

In addition, 40 percent of people attending Thanksgiving as a guest will bring a side dish or dessert, typically spending between $25 and $50 on their contribution. Acosta also revealed that 43 percent of Millennials and Gen Z will attend a Friendsgiving.

The company also looked into favorite side dishes by region:

  • 70 percent in the Midwest will have pumpkin pie
  • 63 percent in the Northeast will enjoy sweet potatoes
  • 44 percent in the South will have mac and cheese
  • 26 percent in the West will include brussels sprouts