Almonds Were The Most Common Nuts Used In 2019 Products Launches


Modesto, CA — During 2019, more than 12,000 products launched globally featuring almonds, a 13 percent increase, making almonds the most popular nut for new items, according to Innova Market Insights.

For the first time since Innova began tracking this information the dairy category has broken into the top five product sectors for almonds, joining confectionery, snacks, bakery and bars. New products featuring almonds across candy, snacks, bakery, bars and dairy accounted for 80 percent of global launches featuring the nuts, Innova reports. New spread products leveraging almonds were up 26 percent during the past year as well.

Bars are the biggest category for almonds, responsible for 24 percent of the past year’s introductions, the market research company reports.

“This annual report captures the evolving work that goes into developing new products. It provides reassurance and validation behind using an ingredient like almonds, and reinforces consumer demand,” says Lu Ann Williams, director of innovation at Innova Market Insights. “If you’re making a shortlist of ingredients to include in product development and you see these numbers, they should give you a lot of confidence. Almonds continue to show growth and expansion into new markets because they have undeniable consumer appeal and align with desirable health and texture claims.”