Annie B’s/B.T. McElrath Move Production, Change Name

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Mahtomedi, MN — Following the merger of Annie B’s and B.T. McElrath, the company is being rebranded as Henke Foods, LLC and is consolidating production to one facility.

Justin Henke, owner, explains after the McElrath acquisition, the company needed a name that better represented its current brands as well as any future lines it might acquire or develop.

After operating separate facilities during the past two years, the company is bringing production for its entire line to a facility located in Mahtomedi, MN.

“We have been very tight on production space at both facilities and have been running shipments of finished products and raw goods back and forth every week for more than a year now so that customers only received one shipment if they ordered both caramels or popcorn and chocolate,” Henke says.

He adds that by consolidating production, the company will be better positioned to improve operational efficiencies, ease back office management and provide better service and product development.