Baker Perkins Depositor Focused On Functional Confections


Grand Rapids, MI — Baker Perkins Inc. has extended its range of production equipment for the functional and medicated gummi and jelly confectionery market with a starch-free depositor. The ServoForm Mini+ can manage high-viscosity recipes and center-filled gummies, particularly liquid center fills, by including a mould lift feature, the company states.

The company explains that the lift synchronizes raising and lowering the moulds with the depositing cycle. The effect is accuracy positioning and clean separation, without tailing, of the thin strand of viscous syrup between one deposit and the next. It also is said to keep the filling and casing separate for center-filling.

Baker Perkins worked with Rousselot on the development of gummi caps using a SiMoGel fast-setting gelatin product. Gummi caps is a new delivery format for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products that combines a chewy casing with a liquid center-filling, the company claims.

The filling is prepared and deposited at ambient temperature to avoid heat degradation of active ingredients.