Barry Callebaut Reveals Cabosse Naturals Cacaofruit Ingredients


Zurich, Switzerland — Barry Callebaut AG is leveraging its Cacaofruit Experience range for Cabosse Naturals, a line of ingredients made completely from cacaofruit.

Using pulp, juice, concentrate and cascara, a flour made from the peel, the supplier reports the ingredients are rich in nutrients, and contain fibers, potassium and magnesium. The ingredients are suitable for use in desserts, fruit snacks, frozen treats, chocolate, candy, snack bars and beverages.

To support development of cacaofruit upcycling, the company works with the Upcycled Food Association, a non-profit founded in 2019 that focuses on reducing food waste by growing the upcycled food economy, according to Barry Callebaut.

“Barry Callebaut can harness the whole cacaofruit and celebrate the zesty fruity taste of this delicious fruit,” says Pablo Perversi, chief innovation, sustainability & quality officer and head of gourmet at Barry Callebaut. “With our cacaofruit brand Cabosse Naturals we offer a new palette of opportunities to artisans, chefs and brands, since we bring a brand new, delicious and nutritious fruit experience.”