Belgian Boys Partners With Misfits Markets For Upcycled Stroopwafels


Brooklyn, NY — Belgian Boys LLC is partnering with Misfits Market to launch an upcycled stroopwafel made with four-times the scrap of the company’s standard product. Upcycled Stroopwafels use 12.5 percent repurposed cookies and are made with non-GMO ingredients, are kosher-certified, nut-free, and free from high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, colors and preservatives..

“In the process of making the round cookie shape of the stroopwafel, there are delicious waffle pieces left behind,” says Belgian Boys co-founder Greg Galel. “Typically about 3 percent of scraps are mixed back into the batter but we upped the game to take more than 4x the delicious leftovers and minimize food waste as much as possible.”

According to Spoonshot, a food AI company, interest in upcycling is on the rise with a 128 percent increase in interest across business media in the past year.

“I’m thrilled to see our partnership with Misfits Market come to life. We are proud to align our company with a brand that stands for reducing food waste and join them in doing our part,” says Belgian Boys CEO Anouck Gotlib. “Our R&D and marketing teams are trailblazing in the cookie world by introducing an upcycled stroopwafel made partly out of the crumbs that usually go wasted.”