Blommer Introduces Sensible Indulgence Chocolate Range

Blommer Sensible HERO

Chicago — Blommer Chocolate Co. is introducing Sensible Indulgence, a range of chocolates covering emerging trends such as reduced sugar, Keto-friendly and protein fortification that strive to maintain a “real” chocolate eating experience, according to the supplier.   

“Taste plus the experience equals indulgence, and that keeps customers coming back,” says Rose Potts, Blommer corporate manager of sensory & product guidance. “With Sensible Indulgence we don’t want to comprise taste. No matter what  nutrition goals our customers are looking to meet, they are going to want to still provide that joy consumers get from confectionery products.”

The supplier can work with manufacturers to decide “what levers to pull,” in terms of product claims and help tailor a chocolate formulation to meet those needs, she explains.

“With people wanting to eat healthier, 45 percent said one way they are going to do that is by reducing sugar, so that is a target for the industry,” Potts tells Candy & Snack TODAY.

Reduced Sugar Lyra Milk Chocolate Debuts

Helping manufacturers offer reduced sugar products, Blommer is introducing Lyra milk chocolate, which has a 25 percent sugar reduction when compared with leading milk chocolates and contains no alternative sweeteners or bulking agents, the supplier reports.

Legal standard of identity of chocolate, defined in the code of federal regulations title 21, part 163, limits the sweetener systems that can be used in “real” chocolate to milk sugar and table sugar, or sucrose. This makes it difficult to reduce sugar in milk chocolate, Blommer reports. To top this challenge, the supplier developed a special formula to cut sugar to 12 grams per 30 gram serving, as opposed to the 16 grams per 30 gram serving found in leading milk chocolate bars.

Flavor profile chart for Lyra reduced sugar milk chocolate.

“Obviously in chocolate, one main component is sugar. It is not easy to adhere to the standard of identity for chocolate, but that is what we wanted to do with Lyra,” Potts says, noting 70 percent of shoppers prefer to see “real” chocolate on labels instead of “chocolatey” or chocolate flavor.  

Ideal for enrobing, panning and moulding, Lyra milk chocolate contains 50 percent cocoa mass, which Blommer notes is higher than some dark chocolates. Since sugar is a bulking agent as well as a sweetener, the supplier had to increase the cacao content in Lyra to make up the difference, according to Potts.

Blommer’s R&D team saw a trend around sugar reduction and “once our group had our minds set to it, and had our sugar reduction targets set, it was just a matter of a few weeks or a month to develop Lyra,” she says.