Simply Delicious Opens Wind Powered Production Facility


Loveland, CO — Simply Delicious, Inc., maker of the snack brand Bobo’s Oat Bars, has opened a wind-powered production facility in Loveland, CO. To help meet growing customer demand, the 123,000-square-foot facility will increase production of the company’s bars, bites and toaster pastries while reducing its carbon footprint.

“It’s truly amazing to think back to when my daughter, Bobo, and I baked that first batch of oat bars in my kitchen,” says Beryl Stafford, founder of Bobo’s. “It’s extremely rewarding to see how far we’ve come today as we stay true to that same home baked, handmade quality, only now in 24 ovens! All of which produce the same yummy snacks made with the same wholesome ingredients and the same delicious taste and texture as that first oat bar in 2003. As we have scaled our production from my kitchen to this new ‘super’ bakery, through it all it’s remained paramount that we maintain the quality of our products.”

The company has invested significantly to increase the speed and efficiency of its baking capabilities without changing the products’ handmade look and feel. The facility will include automated equipment that tamps the bars into the signature Bobo’s pan and a machine, nicknamed ‘the Bobot,’ was designed to exactly replicate the bars handmade look and texture. The new bakery has the ability to produce 1 million bars, bites or toaster pastries a day and the company already has plans in place to further increase capacity.

“This day is more than two years in the making,” says T.J. McIntyre, CEO of Bobo’s. “We’re thrilled to officially open our incredible new ‘super bakery’ today, and to continue to support the growing, nationwide consumer demand for Bobo’s products. We’ve brought our entire operation, including production and packaging, under one extremely efficient, wind-powered roof to produce a product true and authentic to Beryl’s original vision that began years ago in her own kitchen. Despite Bobo’s tremendous success and growth over the last 19 and a half years, we feel like we are just getting started.”

In addition to being powered entirely by wind, the new Bobo’s Bakery has also achieved more than 95 percent diversion of its solid waste from the landfill through a comprehensive waste management program. The opening of the new bakery consolidates Bobo’s three previous facilities into one operation, significantly reducing internal CO2 emissions.

“I’m extremely proud of our entire team who worked tirelessly to make this amazing new facility a reality, despite facing extremely challenging supply chain issues,” McIntyre adds. “We no longer need to pass up growth opportunities due to production constraints and are now on track to quickly become the largest independently owned snack bar company in the US. The City of Loveland has also been a wonderful partner throughout this process and we look forward to working closely with the community here for years to come!”

Many of Bobo’s employees live in or near the Loveland area making the new location a much more convenient option. Other Bobo’s employees now have the option for hybrid or fully remote work, supporting a work-life balance for all 300 of the growing Bobo’s workforce.

“Bobo’s is a leader in Colorado’s natural products community,” says Jack Hill, existing industry manager, city of Loveland, CO. “We’re proud their delicious treats will now be made with love in Loveland at their new facility. This a huge win for Loveland’s healthy food industry cluster and a trend we hope to continue for years to come.”