Böhnke & Luckau Technology Acquired By Orangeworks


Wernigerode, Germany / Oss, Netherlands — Confectionery food processing technology company Orangeworks has purchased Böhnke & Luckau technology (B&L Chocolate), a chocolate machinery company. The move comes four years after Orangework’s acquisition of Tanis Food Tec.

“Bringing together the leading technology in cream aeration; the sweetness of marshmallow with the richness of chocolate, this acquisition marks a perfect blend of expertise and innovation,” says Mirjam van Dijk, chief commercial officer of Orangeworks. “With the integration, innovation, and internationalization of Orangeworks and Tanis Food Tec, we have seen how synergy in only a few years can lead to a growing trust of our global customers which has resulted in an explosive growth of both Orangeworks and Tanis Food Tec. We have full confidence that the acquisition of the technology of Böhnke & Luckau, will give the next boost to our growing company.”

B&L Chocolate will continue its engineering and services to work from Wernigerode in Germany. With the head office of the Orangeworks Group and the production facility in Oss, the Netherlands, and the group’s technology Center in Lelystad (NL) Orangeworks is expanding its presence in Germany as well as joining the global activities (sales and services) of B&L Chocolate with the network of the Orangeworks and Tanis Food Tec.

“We are excited to integrate Böhnke & Luckau’s assets into our portfolio,” says Koen Verstegen, managing director of Orangeworks. “This acquisition aligns perfectly with our vision of delivering innovative solutions and exceptional quality to our global clients.”

“Joining forces with Orangeworks opens up new opportunities for growth and innovation,” says Henry Luckau, Böhnke & Luckau co-founder. “We are confident that our legacy of craftsmanship will thrive under their leadership. Myself and the Böhnke & Luckau team look forward to work together with our new Dutch colleagues.”

As part of this acquisition, Böhnke & Luckau will be rebranded in the market as B&L Chocolate powered by Orangeworks. This will leverage the strengths of both entities to deliver even greater value and innovation to customers under new management, the company says.