Buhler Opens Application & Training Centers In Switzerland


Uzwil, Switzerland — Bühler Group is opening a enhanced Application & Training Centers in Uzwil, Switzerland, to customers and partners. The new facility consolidates a diverse range of capabilities into a single location, setting the stage for collaborative recipe creation and product testing across a myriad of raw materials, according to the company.

The facilities include:

Flavor Creation Center: Bühler’s expertise in processing, roasting and grinding cocoa beans, nuts, and coffee is combined in one place to create flavors and products.

Food Creation Center: Whether it is snack bars, wafers, biscuits, crackers, or any variety of baked goods, the Food Creation Center support customers through the innovation and industrialization process.

Protein Application Center: In this collaborative space, customers can develop and validate ideas in the field of protein processing. Equipped with the latest wet isolation techniques for separation of protein, starches, and fibers, the center is operated in collaboration with Bühler’s partner, endeco.

Extrusion Application Center: Customers can test new recipes, products, and textures in this multi-purpose laboratory. It complements Bühler’s existing infrastructure for plant-based processing and will operate in line with the Protein Application Center.

Energy Recovery Center: Built together with strategic partner, Vyncke, this facility works as a demonstration and testing platform for customers to turn food and feed biomass into climate-neutral energy. It also serves as a heating facility for Bühler’s headquarters, making use of the waste and by-products generated by the Application & Training Centers in Uzwil.