Bühler’s New Enrober, ChoCoat Pro


All your best ideas, covered in chocolate. Give your products extra deliciousness with Bühler’s new enrober, ChoCoat Pro. Whether you are producing bars, cookies, cakes, or wafers, elevate your end products with a homogenous layer of chocolate or your preferred coating.

ChoCoat Pro delivers the highest quality of enrobing, its innovative mechanical vibrating station, produces very intensive and efficient vibrations, resulting in a highly accurate output in terms of weight and significant reduction of noise emissions. The coating area is equipped with a precise air temperature control system.

Its design allows for easy cleaning and trouble-free maintenance. Several key parts, such as the top and bottom coating stations, the driver roller, and others, can be removed from the side of the enrober, allowing easy access to the machine body without cutting the wire mesh belt. You can produce more beautiful and tastier products at the same time as optimizing your costs, we can help. Contact us today at [email protected].

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