Butterfinger Promotion Aimed At Gamers

Parsippany, NJ — Ferrero U.S.A., Inc. is partnering its Butterfinger brand with Final Fantasy XIV Online in a promotion titled Game Better with Butterfinger. The consumer campaign offers an opportunity to win exclusive in-game content.

To redeem a limited-edition Final Fantasy XIV DLC mount “Chocorpokkur,” players purchase $5 worth of Butterfinger participating products, take a photo of the receipt, and go to GamewithButterfinger.com to upload and register. 

The company notes the Chocorpokkur is a unique mount only accessible to fans participating in the Butterfinger promotion, explaining the name is a play on Chocolate and Korpokkur, making this a “Chocolatey” version of the original Korpokkur Kolossus mount. Chocorpokkur is a fast and functional mount helping players travel by land, air and sea across the game. Once redeemed, any player character on a user’s Final Fantasy XIV account can use this special mount.

Players will have the opportunity to see the Chocorpokkur mount in action alongside some of Final Fantasy XIV’s most prolific players including gamers MrHappy1227AyyItsChevy and Comicstorian on Thursday, June 3 on their streams where they will be raising funds for Extra Life – a program of Children’s Miracle Network supporting more than 170 hospitals across North America. Butterfinger will a $50,000 match to Extra Life.

The promotion runs through June 30.