C.A. Fortune, ESM Ferolie, Carlin Group Align Under C.A. Banner

Chicago — C.A.Fortune, ESM Ferolie and the Carlin Group will now work together under the C.A. banner. The move, according to the companies, strengthens their existing relationship and allows each of them to offer clients access to collective resources across the nation. 

Now operating as C.A. Ferolie and C.A. Carlin, the brokerages have full access to C.A. Fortune’s vertically integrated services, including sales management, a sales accelerator, marketing and branding, insights, retail activation, and digital and e-commerce services.

“This is a major win for our collective agencies.  Further aligning with C.A. Ferolie & C.A. Carlin across our sales agency vertical, tremendously deepens our regional strength in the central and eastern territories of the U.S. and complements our current industry-leading west offering,” says Tyler Lowell, CEO and managing partner of C.A. Fortune.  “We’re very excited to move forward together as a national consumer brands powerhouse offering an unparalleled range of integrated services.” 

C.A. Ferolie, previously ESM Ferolie, offers omni channel coverage within the food and beverage space as well as other CPG categories.

“The sales channels continue to transform as conventional and natural channels are blending, in addition to the landscape becoming more distribution-agnostic, making it crucial for agencies to be nimble,” says Tony Ferolie, CEO of C.A. Ferolie. “This working relationship allows our teams the opportunity to capitalize on one another’s strengths and services, giving each of us access to more vertically-integrated services such as branding and e-commerce as well as seamless national coverage.

C.A. Carlin, formerly Carlin Group, a leading regional sales and marketing solutions company has trade coverage focused on grocery, drug, mass, alternative, convenience, and limited assortment.

“We’re thrilled to integrate this group of top sales and marketing agencies, bolstering overall reach and capabilities for our clients,” says Brad Carlin, CEO of C.A. Carlin. “By creating this privately held master brand, we can harness the regional strength of C.A. Carlin and C.A. Ferolie to further support C.A. Fortune’s stable of national clients.”

Each company continues to operate under its current ownership and management structure.