Confectionery Sales Continue Strong Through Mid-May


Washington — With the first five and a half months of 2022 in the books, confectionery sales remain extremely strong, according to data from Information Resources, Inc. (IRI). Covering the multi-outlet universe, candy, gum and mints (total CMG) dollar sales increased 11.9 percent during the 52 weeks ending May 15. All three sectors — chocolate, non-chocolate and gum — had robust gains. Likewise, grocery, convenience and drug stores continue to have a strong candy performance.

Chocolate — Chocolate sales reached more than $17 billion in the latest 52 weeks, which was an increase of 9.7 percent from year-ago levels. Sales in the shorter term gained even more, at 11.8 percent for the latest four weeks. All areas within chocolate contributed to the sales growth, with the exception of novelty chocolate. Sugarfree remains the growth leader, up 33.5 percent versus year ago in the 52-week look.

Value bags also continue to perform well. Value pack sales have been strong with so many of the consumption occasions, from the morning beverage moment to the afternoon pick-me-up having moved to the home in recent years, reports Anne-Marie Roerink, of 210 Analytics, LLC. Adding the value pack interest is likely also boosted in the light of inflation.

Non-Chocolate — Non-chocolate confectionery sales gained 15.1 percent during the 52-week term and 16 percent in the latest four weeks. All areas contributed to the strong growth, led by novelty non-chocolate, hard sugar candy, mints and sugarfree items. The biggest seller, contributing half of the $10.1 billion in annual sales, was chewy non-chocolate. Chewy candy sales increased 13.7 percent for the past 52 weeks.

Gum/Mints — The comeback of gum/mints continues, especially for sugarless gum. Gum sales during the latest 52 weeks were up 13.7 percent and the rate of growth has accelerated as the weeks go by. In the latest four weeks, gum sales increased 17.7 percent.

The Impact Of Inflation
While dollar gains are trending in the double-digits, unit gains have been an average of 3.4 percent in the latest 52 weeks, pointing to inflation, Roerink explains. Chocolate unit sales briefly dipped below year-ago levels, but were back in the plus for the latest four weeks. During the latest 52 weeks, chocolate unit sales were up 0.8 percent. Non-chocolate sales continued to do well across all time periods, with 6.7 percent growth in the past year. Units were also up for gum, at 5.5 percent.