Capol Develops Natural Whitening Agent For Hard-Sugar Panning Process


Elmshorn, Germany — Capol Group is launching Vivapigments White, a natural whitening agent that meets the special requirements of confectionery manufacturers when it comes to the hard-sugar panning process. 

The naturally-based white pigments can be used as an alternative to the commonly used titanium dioxide (TiO2), which has come under increasing debate as a food additive. Vivapigments White is characterized by its ability to achieve a high level of opacity, as well as its ease of product application.

“Initial feedback confirms that customers were able to achieve good results in production-scale trials even at a dosage considered low for an alternative whitening agent,” explains Dr. Valeria Reim, Capol product manager.

In the European Union, a ban on titanium dioxide as a food additive began on August 7, 2022. This new constraint has pushed confectionery manufacturers to change their product formulations. 

“We know from our confectionery customers that natural whitening agents that achieve an excellent whitening effect at an appropriate dosage continue to be in high demand,” adds Dr. Reim.