Cargill Completes Mapping Of Entire Brazilian Soy Supply Chain

Soybean Field HERO

Minneapolis — Cargill, Inc. has completed point location mapping for its entire supply chain of soybeans grown in Brazil, the supplier reports.

Soy Report 2020 Biome Graphic 06.25.20

Additionally, the company estimates that 95.68 percent of its soy sourced from Brazil is grown on land that is deforestation and conversion free.

“We haven’t wavered in our commitment to protecting forests and native vegetation, and we believe this can be done in ways that are economically viable for farmers and local communities,” says John Hartmann, global sustainability lead for Cargill’s agricultural supply chain. “By working with farmers, customers, governments and others in the industry, we have made meaningful progress on our soy action plan and will continue efforts to make the soy supply chain more sustainable.”

During the past six months, Cargill has also expanded its Sustainably Sourced and Supplied certification program in Brazil and Paraguay, establishing a large market for sustainably grown soy.