Cavanna Reorganizes To Focus On Future Growth

Riccardo Cavanna

Prato Sesia, Italy — Effective January 1st, Cavanna Group has reorganized with the declared objective of evolving towards a greater use of its resources.

Riccardo Ciambrone

Succeeding Giulio Cicognani, Riccardo Cavanna assumes the position of Chairman of the Board and Lead Strategist of Cavanna Group, also becoming the majority shareholder.

“A choice that will allow me to devote myself more to the development of strategical business and innovation projects, primarily in terms of sustainable materials for packaging, Industry 4.0, as well as to help the Cavanna Group continue to develop the presence in global markets and working strictly with our partners,” says Cavanna.

Alessandra Cavanna

Alessandra Cavanna, leaves the position of co-CEO, moving on to the management of family assets and remaining a minority shareholder of Cavanna Group. “The company remains at the center and in the first place of the Cavanna family, aware of the great potential of people, as well as of the technology and experience inherent in the Cavanna brand. With these decisions we are confident that the Group will have new impetus for continuity and reach its full potential,” she says.

Riccardo Ciambrone, CFO of Cavanna Group for four years, assumes the position of CEO. Ciambrone’s previous experience includes time at Apple, Koch Industries, Glaston and Barry Wehmiller.