Chocolate, Candy Sales Remain Strong Amid Inflation, Supply Chain Pressures


Aventura, FL — The total confectionery category reached $42.6 billion in sales, driven by inflation that reached a 40-year high in 2022 and growth projections take the total category to $54.3 billion in 2027, based on finding in the NCA’s fourth annual State of Treating report.

The report, released today at the association’s annual State of the Industry Conference, also revealed that in 2022, confectionery category dollar sales grew 11.1 percent from 2021, and 22.1 percent versus 2019 as consumers view chocolate and candy as a fun part of life (81 percent) and as an affordable treat (74 percent) according to the fourth annual State of Treating report published by NCA.

“With high marks for favorability and permissibility, along with the majority of consumers agreeing that confectionery is an affordable treat, chocolate and candy sales grew despite economic pressures,” says John Downs, NCA president and CEO. “Consumers continue to treat with chocolate and candy to enhance their emotional well-being, celebrate holidays and enjoy everyday moments.”

Key findings from the report include:

  • 79 percent of consumers agree that physical health and emotional well-being are interconnected, and 86 percent agree that it is fine to occasionally treat yourself with chocolate and candy.
  • 78 percent of consumers report that confectionery sharing and gifting are great traditions.
  • Consumers buy confectionery in three to four different retail channels, led by supercenters and supermarkets.
  • 61 percent of shoppers look for confectionery products they have never purchased before; innovation is important.
  • 59 percent of candy consumers have searched Facebook, YouTube and Instagram for confectionery-related content.
  • Transparency is the currency of trust; 43 percent of consumers prefer to learn about a brand’s ESG efforts from the package label.

The 2023 State of Treating report offers insights that combine proprietary NCA consumer survey findings with syndicated category and channel sales performance data. The association says the report is intended to provide a deeper understanding of consumer wants and needs, corresponding shifts in the retail landscape and opportunities for the future to support continued category growth.

The 2023 State of Treating report is made possible by Blommer Chocolate Co. and data is provided by Information Resources Inc. and Euromonitor International.

Highlights of the report are availabel at 2023 State of Treating.