Confectionery Sales Jump By Double Digits In Summer Months


Cleveland — Confectionery sales during June, July and August increased 12 percent, according to data from Information Resources, Inc. (IRI). In the longer 52-week period, sales increased 6.3 percent, with non-chocolate candy being the largest contributor to growth. The chocolate and gum and mints sectors also saw year-on-year growth during the 52 weeks. 

Non-chocolate sales climbed to nearly $9.5 billion during the 52 weeks ending September 9, 2021, representing an 8.8 percent increase year-on-year. Sales during the June through August period were up 16.1 percent versus a year ago, with strong sales from traditional summer confections including caramel/taffy, chewy and novelty.

Sales of seasonal Halloween candy is also starting to gear up as retailers are going out early with their displays, says Anne-Marie Roerink, of 210 Analytics, LLC. 

In the chocolate sector, gift boxes, larger pack sizes, sugarfree and seasonal Halloween chocolate were the big drivers of the overall 6.3 percent growth during the latest 52 weeks as well as the 9.8 percent growth for the latest 12 weeks. 

Gum sales are also rapidly recovering as consumer mobility is increasing, Roerink points out. While sales were still down by 10.2 percent from the latest 52 weeks ending September 9, sales during the shorter 12-week view were up 10 percent. 

Grocery was the strongest channel in 2020 and yet managed to grow chocolate, non-chocolate and gum sales over the latest 52 weeks, according to IRI data, driven by non-chocolate sales.

Sales in the drug channel, hit by reduced store trips in 2020, are nearly back to pre-pandemic levels. In the 52-week view, confectionery sales were down 1.3 percent, but during the latest 12 weeks sales were up 12.5 percent, thanks in part to strong contributions in both the non-chocolate and chocolate sectors.

Trips to convenience stores have fully recovered and so have confectionery sales, Roerink reports. Sales increased 8.2 percent for the 52-week period and growth accelerated to 15.4 percent during the latest 12 weeks. Just as in the drug and grocery channels, non-chocolate is the biggest contributor to growth.