Create Excitement With Plant-Based Ingredients


Enjoying and connecting through good food is one of the binding factors that people from all over the world have in common. No matter which country or culture you come from, spending time with your loved ones and creating new memories often involves food.

Another important part of experiencing food nowadays involves a hot topic: how do consumers balance taste, health and budget all at the same time without having to make compromises? More and more consumers choose a lifestyle that includes plant-based ingredients and yet expect a similar delivery on taste and texture in their alternative food choices as the non-plant-based options.

Even though consumers are very aware of the rising food prices with financial concerns getting bigger globally, treating themselves is something they are unwilling to give up on. In the past couple of years, during lockdown, many people turned to cooking and baking at home as a form of pleasant and fulfilling pastime. Now that the world is moving on, the love for creating food is still firmly settled in our household routine and even has a special role in solidifying our relationships.

So if the food industry can marry up the love for good food with treating our taste buds and all other senses, then they’ve hit the modern foodies’ jackpot. Let consumers appreciate their loved ones’ company, whilst being healthy and eating more natural, tasty plant-based dishes that are also budget-friendly, and you get top marks on the ‘sensorial food’ score card. BENEO jumped on the baking wagon trend by creating a delicious vegan solution: the egg-free meringue.

Our Faba bean protein ingredient is the main star of this application and delivers a vegan claim, together with the sought after benefit of cost reduction. With the cost of eggs showing steep increases, replacing the egg in baking applications, offers the industry to keep the retail prices stable whilst offering a vegan solution on top. BENEO’s faba bean protein offers a delicious texture and is neutral in taste, satisfying consumers’ taste buds and all their other senses are fulfilled too.

Together with BENEO, you can make it possible for plant lovers to go wild in the dessert aisle.

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