Crocs, Froot Loops Get Sweethearts Spin


Bryan, OH — Spangler Candy Co. is extending the reach of its iconic Sweethearts candy hearts with holiday messages through licensing partnerships with Crocs, Inc. and Kellogg Co.’s Froot Loops brand.

Crocs, a global casual footwear company, is offering shoes for toddlers, kids and adults featuring the Sweethearts signature design along with an assortment Jibbitz charms. They will be available at Footlocker, Shoe Palace, Finish Line, Champs, Eastbay and other retailers as well as on the Crocs website and in Crocs stores and outlets globally. 

Froot Loops Sweethearts “Spread Love” Edition cereal has the brand deviating from its standard form with heart-shaped cereal pieces carrying the cereal’s classic fruit flavors. The product will be distributed through mass and grocery stores starting this month.

“Our latest licensing program is whimsical and embodies the spirit of Sweethearts in a very modern, relevant way. We look forward to exploring new ways for the brand to evolve,” adds Evan Brock, director of marketing for Spangler Candy. 

“Partnering with Sweethearts for Valentine’s Day is a natural fit for Froot Loops. Few things evoke parents’ nostalgia and kids’ delight like Sweethearts does. We hope that when customers try a bowl of the ‘Spread Love’ collaboration between Froot Loops and Sweethearts, the colorful and heart-shaped cereal creates shared moments of joy,” says Laura Newman, senior director of brand marketing for Kellogg.

According to Lisa Marks Associates Inc., which manages Spangler’s licensing, other partnerships will be announced throughout the year including collaborations with Centric Beauty, American Marketing Enterprises, Briefly Stated, Dan Dee, MTB, Bentex, Suburban Riot, and Zuru.

“For the past 15 years, we’ve been honored to work with the fabulous team at Spangler Candy Co., and most recently have been thrilled to develop the licensing program for the iconic and beloved Sweethearts brand, along with Dum-Dums and Necco,” says Lisa Marks, president. “The latest Sweethearts partnerships reflect the power of the brand as the original and authentic heart-shaped Valentine’s Candy, a 100+ year old classic American brand with multi-generational appeal and ubiquitous awareness.”