Crunch Campaign Focuses On Re-Energizing The Brand


Parsippany, NJ — Ferrero North America has released a new campaign for its Crunch brand titled Turn Up the Fun, which the company said is aimed at re-energizing the brand and positioning the bar’s texture as a vehicle to inject fun moments into the mundane nature of everyday life. As the company says, the bar gives a bit of crunch and excitement in every bite.

Targeted at millennials, the campaign demonstrates how Crunch adds vibrancy within the monotony of everyday adult life. It pokes fun at the fact that adulting is hard and can sometimes be plagued with responsibilities that seem boring, such as going through airport security.  

The company says the campaign also marks the first of Crunch’s revival, with a focus on capturing the millennial market. The campaign is a fully integrated effort that includes a 30/:15 Live-Action TVC, a 15 product spot, 2x:30 audio, social assets utilizing new product photography, and forthcoming content creator integration.