Debbas Gourmet Debuts A’cappella Chocolate Line

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Debbas Gourmet and the Debbas family are excited and proud to launch our new brand and product line, A’cappella Chocolates!

Remember being a kid in a candy store, when chocolate made you sing for joy?

For too long chocolate has gone down the path of one-note flavors and flat innovation. At A’cappella, we let the rhythm of our imagination guide the creation of our confections.

Created with unique ingredients and real chocolate, our ensemble of chocolatiers hand-craft each piece in small batches to compose a sweet harmony of flavors.  Our unique packaging and delicious flavor profiles inspire a visceral response that grabs the attention of the customer!  These elements, combined with great pricing, are meant to entice all classes of trade and truly compose a perfect harmony! 

A’cappella Chocolate is inspired by our love of music. Besides our commitment to perfecting the masterful art of chocolate making, the Debbas family has a passion for the arts. It is not uncommon to see members of our family performing in the theater, acting on screen, composing music, or singing! When creating new confections we build flavors and textures that dance around your palate like a sweet melody. A’cappella is our chorus of premium ingredients and intricate tasting notes that come together in bold flavors and irresistible confections!

The A’cappella line includes a selection of Broken Barks with flavors such as Irish Cream Mud Pie and Berry Shortcake as well as Caramels including Mexican Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows and Dark Chocolate Merlot with Merlot infused Sea Salt. Offerings include 12 Ct. case packs and shippers and all are available now.     

A’cappella, it’s something to sing about!

Looking for info? Feel free to reach out to [email protected]