Dillon Candy Partners With Cacao-Trace


Boston, GA — Dillon Candy Co. is partnering with Cacao-Trace, an initiative that directly benefits the lives of cacao farmers and their communities.

Cacao-Trace is a sourcing program that focuses on improving the livelihoods of cacao farmers while ensuring the highest quality chocolate for consumers. The company says that when consumers purchase Cacao-Trace chocolate, a portion of the proceeds is contributed directly back to the cacao farmers, supporting their communities and empowering positive change.

Through its partnership, Dillon Candy’s contributions have helped with completing 12 school projects and the installation of 25 water towers, 20 water tanks, and one mechanical pump, for access to clean, drinkable water across eight cacao farming countries.

“By partnering with Cacao-Trace, we are not only offering our customers delicious chocolate but also giving them the opportunity to be a part of something truly meaningful. Together, we can help change lives one chocolate pecan at a time,” says Tom Cook, president of Dillon Candy.