Downs: Not Question Of ‘If’ But ‘How’ Americans Will Celebrate Halloween

Washington — While debate has swirled around Halloween this year, it is not a question of “if” Halloween is going to happen but rather a conversation about “how” Americans will celebrate, according to an opinion piece by NCA President & CEO John Downs.

He pointed out that 80 percent of Americans believe they will find safe and creative ways to celebrate Halloween this year, and nearly three-quarters of millennial moms and young parents said Halloween 2020 is more important than ever.

“Governors, mayors and other elected officials across the country are joining this growing wave of approval and support for a safe and creative Halloween 2020 — including public health experts, community leaders, newspaper editorial boards and columnists who say that we can prioritize safety and still enjoy the fall with Halloween celebrations that last all October long,” Downs wrote. “Even Jamie Lee CurtisMartha Stewart and Whoopi Goldberg are on board with Halloween 2020.”

He goes on to explain, citing data from The Harris Poll, that 80 percent of the general population and 90 percent of millennial moms and young parents said they can’t image Halloween without chocolate and candy, and that trick-or-treating is irreplaceable.

“We can all agree that this Halloween won’t be business as usual, but rather than hastily rushing to ban Halloween celebrations altogether, we can carry on our important Halloween traditions, empower families to find celebrations that work for them and provide a bit of spooky fun by finding innovative and safe ways to embrace the Halloween season,” he concludes.