Ethical Eating, Turmeric Among 2017 Nutrition Trends

Businessman drawing on white board

Lakewood, CO — Specialty retailer Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, Inc. surveyed its category managers, nutrition experts and editorial staff to uncover the following food trends for 2017.

Healthy Eating Is Ethical Eating: Consumer interest in how food is produced is at an all-time high, raising the profile for ethically sourced ingredients, such as free-range eggs and humane animal husbandry.

Organic Growth Continues: Shoppers demand for healthier and more nutritious food has translated to robust gains for the organics industry. With annual double-digit growth, Natural Grocers anticipates continued interest in organic items.

Turmeric, The ‘It’ Spice: One of the most researched supplement and dietary ingredients, turmeric is showing up in surprising places. The spice can help support inflammatory response and cognitive function, two important health aspects for U.S. consumers, according to Natural Grocers.

Minimizing Food Waste: Consumers will look to reduce the amount of food that is wasted by finding ways to use all the ingredients they buy. In addition to cutting food waste for environmental reasons, the specialty retailer notes shoppers are also eliminating waste to save money.

Grass-fed Beyond Dairy: As the quality and demand for grass-fed dairy increases, Natural Grocers anticipates the practices will move beyond milk, to be leveraged in categories ranging from meat to dietary supplements, such as whey protein sourced from grass-fed cows.

More Shifting Snack Preferences: It’s no secret consumers have increased snacking during the past few years. However, the items shoppers turn to for these occasions are moving past traditional products, as demand had grown for snacks low in sugar, and free of GMOs and gluten. Natural Grocers expects products such as meat bars, hummus and sardines to define this trend.

Perceptions On Fat Change: With research finding no clear correlation between saturated fats and the risk of heart disease, shoppers are more openly embracing healthy fats. This includes increased presence of fats from coconuts, olives and avocados appearing in items as well as resurgence of full-fat dairy products.