Ferrara Introduces Nerds Gummy Clusters-Inspired Character In Flashdance-Themed Super Bowl Ad


Chicago — Ferrara Candy Co., Inc. is using its platform at the 2024 Super Bowl to reveal Nerds Gummy, a character made in the likeness of its Nerds Gummy Clusters. The 30-second ad spot is expected to air in the second quarter and is meant to encourage fans to ‘unleash their senses’ with multisensorial Nerds candy.

The campaign kicked off with a teaser video featuring actor and artist Addison Rae teaching a mystery student dance moves. The full ad reveals it’s been the Nerds Gummy being coached.

In the spot, the Nerds Gummy dances to “Flashdance…What a Feeling” performed by Irene Cara in a routine that culminates with the iconic dance scene from the movie. The scene reveals the Nerds Gummy combining with the original Nerds characters to create Nerds Gummy Cluster. Rae appears at the end of the spot, beaming at her student’s performance. This is Rae’s first Big Game spot.

“I was so excited when I got the call to be part of such a huge moment for my favorite candy. Nerds Gummy Clusters is my go-to snack — whether I’m in the studio, on the dance floor, on set, or just relaxing at home,” says Rae. “‘Flashdance’ just so happens to be my all-time favorite movie, and it really resonates with me as I turned my love of dance into a career — and this time, I was able to use my background in dance to head to the Big Game with one of the most beloved brands. This is a dream come true. If you haven’t tried Nerds Gummy Clusters yet — run!” 

According to the company, the brand has grown from $50 million to half a billion dollars in annual retail sales in the past five years. Activating at the Big Game is the biggest investment in Nerds’ and Ferrara’s history, with the strategy of introducing Nerds Gummy Clusters at an iconic American cultural event that attracts high viewership.

“The consumers’ love for Nerds — and Nerds Gummy Clusters — has propelled the brand to new heights. Nerds Gummy Clusters has four of the top 10 SKUs in the Sugar Category with 85 percent year-over-year sales growth. The exponential growth of Nerds has really been a once-in-a-career experience,” says CMO Greg Guidotti. “To celebrate this, we wanted to show up in a big, bold way on the world’s biggest stage with a spot that gives a fresh look at the loveable Nerds characters — with a powerful union that creates the Nerds Gummy Cluster while engaging all the senses. And, since Nerds is a brand rooted in pop culture, it was only fitting to borrow inspiration from a legendary movie like ‘Flashdance’ and involve a dynamic dance icon in Addison Rae to help our star, the Nerds Gummy, get ready for its debut.”

This campaign marks the first major evolution of the Nerds characters since their inception. The brand launched in 1983 with the purple, pink, orange, and red Nerds characters and over the years added blue, green, and yellow characters to the pack. This campaign reveals an updated look for the Nerds characters, including a 3D glow-up where the characters will have more expressions, personality, and playfulness.