Ferrara Reveals America’s Favorite Conversation Heart Messages


Chicago — Most U.S. adults — 78 percent — enjoy conversation hearts because the messages are fun to read, according to a Valentine’s Day survey from Ferrara Candy Co. and its Brach’s brand. Those surveyed most often use conversation hearts to simply eat and enjoy (66 percent) or to tell someone that they are special (62 percent).

The survey also found the following Conversation Heart preferences:

  • Favorite Messages: When asked to rank their top five conversation heart messages, “LOVE YOU” was chosen most often (50 percent) with “BE MINE” (46 percent) and “KISS ME” (46 percent) not far behind.
  • Keeping Up with Tradition: Three in four U.S. adults surveyed (75 percent) prefer traditional conversation heart messages like “LUV YOU” over sarcastic/witty (e.g., “DREAM ON”), contemporary (e.g., “DM ME”), or cultural messages (e.g., “BAE”).
  • Why They’re Loved: In addition to being fun to read, Americans mostly love the iconic treat because they taste good (71 percent) and make them feel nostalgic (57 percent).
  • Generational Love: Gen Z and Millennials use conversation hearts to show romantic affection (65 percent, 62 percent) or to ask someone out on a date (25 percent, 23 percent) compared to and more often than other generations. Gen Z are also more likely than other generations to share conversation hearts with friends (52 percent) or parents (29 percent). Awe, how sweet!

What’s on Your Heart?

  • Real Love: Americans who favor traditional conversation heart messages are most likely to prefer long-term relationships (67 percent).
  • Modern Fun: Americans who prefer contemporary (e.g., “DM ME”) conversation heart messages are most likely to enjoy candlelight concerts (22 percent) and wear matching outfits with their family (32 percent).
  • Smooth Moves: Americans whose favorite conversation heart message is “LOVE” are more likely to say their family loves doing social media challenges together, like dancing (25 percent).
  • Romantic Fire: Aries favors the “ONLY YOU” conversation heart message (22 percent marked it in their top 3 messages) significantly more than any other zodiac sign.

“Conversation hearts are an important part of Brach’s nearly 120-year-long history, beloved by many across generations and we’re proud to continue this legacy in 2024,” says Chad Womack, director of Brach’s seasonal marketing at Ferrara. “From classic to contemporary messages, and many delicious flavors and varieties, we know so many people love conversation hearts for their own unique reasons. We take great joy in creating these shareable, heart-shaped candies that spark moments of connection for so many every February. My favorite conversation heart message is ‘BE MINE.'”

The company is also introducing Mellowcreme Roses. Each pack of the rose-shaped candy has a three-flavor assortment —Frosted Sugar Cookie, Strawberry Cupcake, and Valentine’s Day Party Punch.

Coming back are Friends Conversation Hearts for a second year, featuring iconic references from the show in a blend of flavors including watermelon, strawberry, blueberry, pineapple, cherry, and orange.