Gingerbread Twists Top American Licorice’s Holiday Lineup


LaPorte, IN — American Licorice Co. is debuting limited edition Red Vines Gingerbread Twists as part of its 2021 holiday line. The product has a gingerbread flavor and is available only on the company’s website in four-ounce trays that carry an SRP of $2.39.

The company has also released Red Vines Original Red Winter Twists in seasonal packaging, as well as Sour Punch Trees, which are red and green tree-shaped candies in cherry and lime flavors in 2.5-ounce pouches with room for a to/from message. 

Red and green Sour Punch Santa Straws are available in apple and berry flavors, while Sour Punch Arctic Straws come in arctic-inspired sour candy flavors — Frozen Flurry, Arctic Avalanche, Green Glacier and Polar Plunge. Sour Punch Merry Mix Bites are an assortment of watermelon, green apple, cherry and berry flavors that pack in reclosable nine-ounce bags.

The company’s Deck the Halls with Boughs Bundles feature an assortment of candy for decorating gingerbread houses. Each pack includes one nine-ounce bag of Sour Punch Assorted Bites, one five-ounce tray of Red Vines Grape Twists, one eight-ounce bag of Red Vines® Original Red Jumbo Twists and one 5oz bag of Red Vines® Sugar Free Strawberry Twists. With an SRP of $10.99 the bundles are available only at ,