Goodway Offers Automated Belt Cleaning Options


Conveyor belt systems are relied on extensively in bakeries, snacks, and confectionary production facilities to move goods through the various stages of production. Due to the nature of the goods produced, the conveyor systems naturally get very dirty.

Traditionally, conveyor belt cleaning is a labor-intensive and costly endeavor. It reduces available production capacity and profitability. Yet at the same time, it is critical to product safety and your brand’s long-term value.

With the continued drive to increase efficiency, why is cleaning these integral conveyor systems left to traditional methods?

Goodway® PureBelt™ automated conveyor belt cleaning systems deliver clean-in-place (CIP) performance, drastically reducing your belt cleaning time and costs. These belt cleaning systems utilize low moisture dry steam power, obliterating fats, oils, allergens, glaze, and other soils from conveyor belt surfaces, leaving them clean, dry, and sanitized. The result? Better surface cleaning, lower labor costs, and better profitability through increased production.

When you think cleaning efficiency, think Goodway.

See how we can help and request a free on-site demonstration. Available in USA, and Canada, and limited areas of Europe and the Middle East.