Halloween & Costume Assoc. Releases Safe Celebration Tools


Mt. Laurel, NJ — The Halloween and Costume Association in partnership with the Harvard Global Health Institute has released tools, guidelines and resources, including a COVID risk map, to help people safely celebrate Halloween. The suite of resources is available on halloween2020.org.

“We are on a mission to ensure the safest Halloween celebration possible this year and want to make sure families and communities have access to the best, up-to-date guidance that prioritizes community safety,” says Kevin Johnson, Halloween and Costume Association chairman and CEO at Elope, Inc. “The color-coded map developed by the Harvard Global Health Institute, along with our guidelines and additional website resources, can help ensure families find fun, yet safe ways to celebrate this season.”

The COVID map details the risk level by county for communities across the country, the Halloween and Costume Association reports. The suggested Halloween safety guidelines are in alignment with recommendations from the CDC on social distancing.

The Halloween and Costume Association’s seasonal portal also gives consumers the chance to take the Safe House Pledge, a printable certificate that can be displayed to assure neighbors that proper safety measures have been taken.

The site launch coincides with recent research from The Hershey Co. that found a spike in consumers’ online searches seeking advice on celebrating Halloween. The uptick in celebration advice began in April, according to the candymaker.

“Halloween is more important than ever this year as we navigate the new normal together and are seeking opportunities to celebrate safely,” says Chuck Raup, Hershey president, U.S. “We’re inspired by the public-private partnerships and groups coming together that all have a shared value of celebrating Halloween safely.”

Additionally, NCA, the National Retail Federation, UNICEF, Spirit and fun.com have joined together to promote a safe Halloween and are encouraging businesses, non-profits and local communities to sign-on as supporters to ensure clear and consistent celebration guidelines are in place across the country, according to the Halloween and Costume Association.