Hershey Commits $1M To Build Disposable Facemask Production Line

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Hershey, PA — The Hershey Co. is committing $1 million to install and staff a new manufacturing line dedicated to producing facemasks, the candymaker reports. Expected to be operational in May, the line will be able to produce 45,000 masks a day.

“Supporting our communities in difficult times is part of our legacy, and an important value that our current employees share,” says Michele Buck, president and CEO. “From the building projects that created local jobs during the Great Depression, to producing military rations during World War II, we take great pride in making a difference where we can.”

Hershey leveraged its internal engineering and relationships with equipment manufacturer JR Automation and General Motors Co., which is already making similar masks.

“Disposable masks will be an integral piece of protecting the health and safety of our employees, their families and our community as we move forward over the weeks and months ahead,” says Jason Reiman, chief supply chain officer. “Changing how we work, and adding this capability is a testament to the adaptability of our team, and our desire to make a difference.”