Hershey Releases Data On S’mores Component Sales Surges Ahead Of National S’mores Day On August 10

Hershey, PA — With consumers poised to celebrate National S’mores Day on August 10, The Hershey Co. has released data showing sales of the components used to make this classic summer treat have increased dramatically during current quarantine and stay-at-home orders.

Ryan Britt, director of U.S. customer supply chain for Hershey, says a silver lining of the current situation is that families are coming together during quarantine to “savor the simple things in life.”

“Gathering around s’mores has been one backyard activity that consumers continue to cherish,” he write in a recent blog post. “Since the pandemic began, we have seen sales of our Hershey’s bar six-packs — one of the must-have items in the perfect s’more — skyrocket 40 percent. Families have found comfort around fireplaces, fire pits and grills, and taken joy in this nostalgic, DIY dessert.”

Britt points out the demand is breaking records, which has required precision planning and and a bump in manufacturing to meet demand.

In fact, Britt says in states still experiencing lock downs, sales for s’mores products are four times higher than in other states. “At our West Hershey plant, our teams have been working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to churn out more chocolate. Thanks to our excellent, always-on communication between our sales team, category managers and supply chain, we were able to make week-to-week decisions about where Hershey’s bars were most needed to ensure the best possible access for s’mores makers,” he explains.

“Working with our third-party partners, we were also synchronizing with other manufacturers so that pallets of cross-merchandised s’mores products — Honey Maid graham crackers, Jet Puff marshmallows and six-packs of Hershey’s bars — were going out to stores, making it easy for people to quickly grab their s’mores ingredients in one spot and go,” he points out.

Pointing out s’mores sales usually peak between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Britt notes: “Through it all, s’mores have come to symbolize something more than a sweet treat,” Britt points out. “They represent an occasion; an event; gratitude for family, friends and health; relief in coming together again.”

At the store level, Britt says retail teams have been ensuring the company’s retail partners are taken care of, sometimes swapping out products where unavailable. “If six packs of Hershey’s bars were unavailable, they’d stock extra-large Hershey’s bars in s’mores displays; if graham crackers were sold out, they’d fill shelves with ice cream cones for an innovative alternative. During this pandemic, we’ve all learned that necessity breeds innovation—and the results can be delicious.”