Hostess Gets Into The Cryptocurrency Market With LTO $TWINKcoin


Lenexa, KA — Hostess Brands, Inc. is jumping on the cryptocurrency band wagon with the launch of limited-edition $TWINKcoin, a coin-shaped, golden sponge cake. The “currency” delivers the same flavor, cream filling and soft texture as the the company’s iconic Twinkies.

The company says that with more than 12,000 cryptocurrencies from which to choose, “$TWINKcoin is the best investment to satisfy your snacking needs.” Adding it’s the only cryptocurrency with a stable value.

The snack cakes are available in 10-count multi-packs that have an SRP of $3.49. They will begin to roll out at Walmart stores nationwide at the end of June.

To commemorate the launch, the company shared some Crypto Fun Facts:

  • Some companies that accept crypto as a form of payment include Microsoft, PayPal, and Whole Foods (Forbes).
  • The first commercial crypto purchase was made in 2010 for two pizzas worth $41 and this purchase is commemorated every year on May 22 as “Bitcoin Pizza Day” (The Motley Fool).
  • is a California-based service through which you can order from major pizza chains such as Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s and pay with crypto (Bitcoin News).
  • “When Lambo?” is a pop culture phenomenon crypto meme, but in terms of the most expensive car ever bought with crypto, it’s actually a case of “when Prius?” In 2013, one of the most expensive purchases made with crypto was a Toyota Prius bought by an investor for 1,000 BTC (The Coin Bureau).