Kazoo Snacks Achieves 1 Million Gallon Mark In Water-Saving Initiative


Dallas — Kazoo Snacks, manufacturer of tortilla chips made with upcycled ingredients, has saved one million gallons of water since the product’s launch in September 2021. The company says its chips save 20 gallons of water per bag and it has a goal of saving one billion gallons of water by 2025 through a proprietary technology.

“We’re so proud to have reached this pivotal milestone,” says company founder Josh Death. “We got into this business to provide consumers with more sustainable and eco-friendly snack options. With our customer’s support and our new distribution through Amazon, we’ll be able to do just that—and on a much larger scale. We can’t wait for consumers nationwide to taste the Kazoo difference, while also making an environmental impact and saving water like crazy!”

The product is made from upcycled corn germ, resulting in an enzyme-rich tortilla chip, with proven water-savings and 61 percent more vitamin E than other tortilla chip brands. With 140 calories per serving and corn sourced from generational farms in Iowa, Kazoo Snacks works to ensure that all that’s harvested for food ends up actually feeding people.

The chips are vegan, kosher and gluten-free, and have fiber, calcium, potassium and 100% natural ingredients, the company claims.