Live Event: Strengthening Cocoa Supply Chains


We all have a role to play in making the world more equitable and sustainable. It takes individuals, businesses, farming communities, and governments all working together to make significant, lasting change, especially when it comes to fairness in the global trade system we all rely on.

The landscape of sustainability is continuously evolving as we all learn ways to better prioritize both people and the planet. This can be daunting, but we encourage you to start where you are.

Join us on May 11 at 12 p.m ET for a deep dive on Fairtrade certification for cocoa where you’ll hear from experts from farming communities and Fairtrade International about…

  • the unique challenges facing cocoa farmers
  • the way Fairtrade works in cocoa supply chains to mitigate the most salient risks
  • the process of certification for products that include cocoa
  • the impact of Fairtrade sourcing for cocoa farming communities

Take the next step on your brand’s sustainability journey by learning how Fairtrade certification is a step toward fairer, more sustainable, and more resilient cocoa supply chains.