Low-Sugar Chocolate Trend Promotes Overall Health 


Chicago — As technologies evolve, many chocolate companies are exploring healthier options and debuting low-sugar and sugarfree products at the Sweets & Snacks Expo. 

Georgia Nut Co. saw a desire for low-sugar chocolates as consumers started to return to a more pre-pandemic lifestyle. 

“Coming out of the pandemic, people are really looking for healthier alternatives,” Kristen Szopa, marketing manager for Georgia Nut Co. told Candy & Snack TODAY.“The trend of nostalgic comfort foods has evolved into a more health-conscious mindset that requires more options.”  

The company is offering sugarfree chocolate gems sweetened with erythritol which Szopa added is easy on digestion and overall gut health. The gems are available in dark chocolate and dark chocolate peanut. The product ships in 30-pound bulk cases and carries an SRP of $7 per pound. 

Also available at the Expo is Red brand Blonde Chocolate. The caramelized white chocolate from Chocolette Distribution LLC is European-crafted and made with no added sugar. According to the company, the product is also non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher and palm oil-free. 

Each bar is made by caramelizing milk that is free from antibiotics and rBST. The three-ounce bars pack in 100 percent recyclable cardboard with a foil wrapping and have an SRP of $2.99. Each 12-ct display box ships in a four-ct case. 

Another low-sugar chocolate option is Chocolate First brand low sugar organic milk chocolate from Splendid Chocolates, Ltd. 

The chocolate contains less sugar than 60 percent cacao dark chocolate, according to the company and is made with only seven ingredients with real chocolate as the first ingredient. Flavors include classic milk chocolate, milk chocolate with black chia seeds and milk chocolate with hemp hearts. The bite-size squares are available in 3.4-ounce reclosable standup pouches that carry an SRP of $5.99. They ship in 12-ct cases. 

eatingEvolved LLC Director of Sales Erik Rundberg noted that he has noticed a shift in healthier snacking with younger generations. 

According to Rundberg, the company’s dark chocolate keto cups are its most popular item. Sweetened with monk fruit, the cups are plant-based, paleo, USDA Organic certified and gluten-free. The chocolate is also Rainforest Alliance certified. Flavors include hazelnut, coconut and almond. 

The product packs in 4.93-ounce boxes and carries an SRP of $9.99. They ship in six-ct cases. 

“People are becoming more knowledgeable about ingredients,” he explained. “When you look at packaging, you want to be able to recognize what you’re eating. Simple and clean ingredients make people feel better and keep them coming back for more.”