Making Gummies? Tanis Provides the Right Production Line and a World of Support for Every Need 


For those who don’t already know, Tanis is the world’s leading supplier of gummy manufacturing equipment. But what does this mean in practice for gummy producers?  

World-Leading Know-How 

With over 25 years’ experience in the candy production equipment business, we have accumulated a wealth of know-how that spans every aspect of ingredient reaction and interaction during the manufacturing process. This translates into creating precise equipment and optimal production lines, at every operational scale, for every type of finished-product profile. Including active gummies and nutraceuticals. 

Because making gummies is as much about correct recipe formulation as it is about using the right equipment, our food technologists are always on hand to advise customers, from assisting in product development to taking them through every production stage.

By continually exploring and testing the possibilities, our food technologists play a key role in keeping Tanis, and its customers, ahead of the game. 

Joined-Up Service 

While gummy manufacturing is a multi-faceted process, Tanis delivers a seamless experience through everything from how its production lines work to how it interacts with customers. 

Offering a choice of semi and fully automated production lines, Tanis caters for every operational preference and scale. Within these lines, all the pieces of expertly engineered equipment communicate to each other during preparation, cooking, blending, moulding, conditioning and finishing, so production is always perfectly orchestrated. At the same time, operators are kept informed via HMIs and are able to intervene, if necessary.  

The Tanis customer care principle means every customer can rely on a dedicated project team for highly effective and efficient service. All the way from product choice to resolving any eventual problems after installation and commissioning, and supply of every kind of spare part and supporting service. A principle that enables our customers to operate at maximum capacity, while keeping downtime to an absolute minimum. It’s because Tanis wants its customers to succeed as much as they do, that we offer ongoing partnership for developing and maximizing every opportunity. 

Global One-Stop-Shop 

Tanis has bases in The Netherlands (Oosterhout), USA (Salt Lake City) and Australia (Sydney), from where we supply and support gums and jellies manufacturers all over the world.

Our multi-zone presence means manufacturers can conveniently access everything they need, via a single point-of-contact. From complete production lines that include ingredient dosing, kitchen, moulding, (starch) conditioning and finishing, to all the after-sales service and advice that keeps everything flowing.

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