Mamata — Total Solutions For Flexible Packaging


Mamata’s packaging machines offer flexibility to address the most pressing challenges like speeds, changeover and ease of operation.  Our machine design addresses these and many other crucial pain points. 

At Mamata, we are already seeing a growth in demand of our premade and Roll stock packaging Machines due to these features and advantages.

Think about this! 

Increasing productivity is at the core of everything you do to achieve OEE targets.

That’s why, speed and change-over processes are game changers in the manufacturing world today! 

This is what made us upgrade our offerings, both in Rollstock HFFS and premade pouch filling systems in 2021-22.

At PackExpo 2021 in Las Vegas, Mamata introduced a conventional, yet unconventional option, M 200 Ultra, a simplex HFFS roll stock machine that delivers up to 120 ppm without sacrificing changeover times and footprint.

The machine is based on conventional servo technology, which gives you comparable outputs to a duplex or machines based on complex linear servo technology. It offers OEE of 95% or higher & the format changeover under 30-minutes including filling section increases uptime & efficiency. It has SS corrosion resistant machine frame with the option of 316 L. Carousel design for filling section makes changeovers quick and easy.

The excellent servo web tension control system & Independent seal time & seal pressure control delivers pre-made pouch quality seals. It offers flexibility to package pouch sizes from 80 – 200 mm.  2 Filling stations giving you flexibility to either package more than one product in a pouch or use 2 fillers on same machine. We also offer large format HFFS Machines.

In April 2022, we upgraded our Premade pouch filling systems. Today, at 65 ppm, it is fastest simplex premade pouch filling system in the Industry.

Below you can see our M200 Ultra and premade pouch filling system in action, or come to our Bradenton, FL, showroom for a live demonstration.