Mantrose-Haeuser Debuts Fat-Free Encapsulated Food Acids

Westport, CT — Mantrose-Haeuser Co., Inc. is adding MantroShield brand fat-free encapsulated acid crystals its line. According to the company, the ingredient serves to potentiate the sour flavor of gummies, licorice and gummy vitamin products.

MantroShield citric, malic and other food acids incorporate coatings technology and are designed to tackle common quality issues associated with confectionery product formulations including sugar inversion, hygroscopicity, crystal disappearance, moist surfaces, along with color and flavor changes, the company claims.

The fat-free food acids including MantroShield CA100 and MantroShield MA200 are highly stable and often afford reduced coating weight, delivering a quick, clean acid flavor release while allowing for lower overall sanding usage levels, Mantrose-Haeuser reports.