Mars Reveals 2024 Halloween Line-Up, Inaugural ‘Mars Tricks, Treats And Trends’ Report


Newark, NJ — Mars is celebrating Halfway to Halloween by unveiling its 2024 Halloween product line-up and findings from the inaugural Mars Tricks, Treats and Trends report.

The report delves into consumer preferences, uncovering insights and emerging patterns in consumer behavior and purchase decisions leading into, and during, the season. From trick-or-treat plans to Halloween flavor and format preferences, the report provides a first look at this year’s anticipated trends.

“At Mars, we celebrate Halloween every day, all year long,” says Tim LeBel, chief Halloween officer and president of sales at Mars Wrigley North America. “Our 2024 Mars Wrigley Halloween product line-up is a direct reflection of our consumer obsession and offers a playful blend of taste, creativity and on-trend seasonal offerings to deliver products we know will end up in the ‘good’ pile on Halloween night.”

The report, developed with Ipsos, looks at attitudes among American adults who plan to celebrate Halloween. The data shows that consumers see candy as the number 1 contributor to a positive Halloween experience. And while the National Retail Foundation predicted that a record number of Americans would celebrate Halloween in 2023, the Mars Tricks, Treats and Trends report found that 85 percent of those planning to celebrate Halloween this year either plan to go bigger or retain similar plans compared to last year. This number is even higher among Gen Z and millennials at 90 percent, with nearly one-third of Gen Z (32 percent) planning to go even bigger than last year.

As consumers continue to favor seasonal-inspired flavors, Mars Wrigley is adding M&M’s Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Pie to its Halloween portfolio.

The report also found most consumers who plan to purchase candy (55 percent) look for variety bags with a blend of fruity and chocolate candies — and this year, Mars is meeting the demand with variety bags that mix Mars brands including Twix, Snickers, Life Savers Gummies, and Skittles Gummies.

The company’s 2024 Halloween product lineup includes:

  • M&M’s Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Pie
  • Redesigned Snickers Pumpkins packaging
  • Mars Wrigley mixed variety bags, with gummi and chocolate together
  • Twix Ghoulish Green
  • Snickers Ghoulish Green
  • M&M’s Ghouls blend in Milk Chocolate, Peanut and Peanut Butter
  • Snickers Fun Size Bucket

The report also found that enthusiasm for Halloween is driving consumers to plan earlier. Gen Z celebrates Halloween early and often — 36 percent of Gen Z Americans who plan to celebrate Halloween plan for the holiday more than a month in advance, and some Gen Zers are already planning for Halloween now. They are also most likely to make multiple trips to purchase candy (17 percent) throughout the season compared to other age groups.

In addition, more than three-quarters (76 percent) of consumers who plan to celebrate Halloween purchase candy to give out through trick-or-treating or in bowls for hosting, and more than half purchase to self-treat (53 percent).

While chocolate is the reigning favorite flavor of Halloween, the report reveals emerging preferences. Chocolate is generally preferred among all candy purchasers (88 percent), gummies are a favorite among younger generations (56 percent Millennials and 60 percent Gen Z).