Micelli Acquires Aztec, Gains Toolmaking, Plastic Injection Molding Capabilities

West Babylon, NY — Micelli Chocolate Mold Co. has purchased Aztec Tool Company, Inc., expanding Aztec’s commercial and industrial toolmaking and plastic injection molding capabilities. Aztec has been renamed and rebranded Aztec Tooling & Injection Molding Co., reflecting its expanded capabilities.

With the acquisition, Micelli notes it gains in-house access to commercial and industrial toolmaking and plastic injection molding capabilities ranging from 75 tons to 1,500 tons, to further support its low-volume/high-custom chocolate and confections molding business. In turn, Aztec gains expanded engineering resources, extended design and prototyping capabilities, and increased capacity in CNC machining and manufacturing.

Micelli has commenced a phased relocation of its current West Babylon operations to the expanded 25,000-square-foot Aztec facility in nearby Edgewood, NY.

“Rarely does a company accomplish so much with one strategic move,” says Tim Goddeau, president of Micelli. “The acquisition enables the new Aztec to provide current and future customers with a whole new set of diversified toolmaking and plastic injection molding capabilities. This includes aluminum molding, for example, which increases manufacturing versatility while improving cost efficiencies. At the same time, Micelli expands its own manufacturing footprint, bringing even greater injection molding value to its chocolate and confections customers.”

According to officials, the consolidation and integration present new opportunities and strategic capabilities beyond machinery and manufacturing. “The human factor of this acquisition alone creates an inflection point for Aztec that cannot be overstated,” adds Goddeau. “The blending of skilled personnel and the expertise they represent create design-engineering and toolmaking synergies that will tangibly benefit Aztec’s customers. The value-added advancements in craftsmanship, agility, product quality, and versatility equip Aztec to explore diverse new markets, including pharmaceutical, packaging, point-of-purchase display and automotive. Plus, Micelli expands manufacturing capacity.”