Modern Production Area Cleaning Equipment


Maintaining a clean and sanitized production area is essential in bakeries, snacks, and confectionary production facilities, but utilizing outdated cleaning equipment or methods can make it challenging. That challenge becomes even greater for areas within these production facilities that need to remain a chemical-free, dry environment.

Traditionally, cleaning these production facilities is a labor-intensive and costly endeavor. It reduces available production capacity and profitability. Yet, at the same time, it is critical to product safety and your brand’s long-term value.

With the continued drive to increase efficiency, why is cleaning left to costly and time-consuming traditional methods?

The portable Goodway® GVC-18000 dry steam system is designed to clean food and beverage production and packaging equipment, especially in dry clean-only environments, with less labor and downtime. Harnessing the power of dry steam, the GVC-18000 powers through dirt, grease, soils, fats, oils, glaze, and more while simultaneously removing bacteria, allergens, and mold instantly from surfaces, leaving them dry to the touch and chemical-free.

The secret to dry steam isn’t a secret at all. Dry steam is superheated steam that produces all the microbial killing and soil-busting performance of wet steam but with only a tiny fraction of the moisture content, making it safe to use around sensitive production equipment. 

The GVC-18000 matches its power and portability with a bevy of accessories to easily tackle cleaning even those hard-to-reach areas.

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The GVC-18000 provides even greater versatility when combined with one of our PureBeltTM conveyor belt cleaning systems. Our clean-in-place PureBeltTM systems harness the cleaning power of the GVC-18000’s dry steam to provide the cleaning performance capable of delivering 0 ATP and negative allergen readings each pass-through so your conveyor systems stay clean and safe.

Free up your sanitation team. When you think about cleaning efficiency, think Goodway. See how we can help and request a free on-site demonstration. Available in the USA, Canada, and limited areas of Europe and the Middle East.