Morinaga Launches Direct-to-Consumer Ecommerce Platform


Irvine, CA — Morinaga America, Inc. has launched a direct-to-consumer ecommerce platform for consumers to purchase the company’s Hi-Chew brand. The site is described by the company as a one-stop shop for all things Hi-Chew, featuring a range of flavors and pack types, including standup pouches, peg bags, and sticks.

The company says the interface allows users to filter to a desired palate and select product and flavor types. The site also hosts a “Find Your Flavor Quiz” for consumers to discover the flavor most similar to their preferences.

“Consumer experience has been our first priority. Over the years, we have been hearing from our brand fanatics on their desire to purchase all Hi-Chew product lineup with the tap of their fingers,” says Teruhiro Kawabe (Terry), chief representative for the USA & president, CEO of Morinaga America. “We’re excited to launch this e-commerce platform to connect more directly with our brand fans, and to meet the growing demand for a dedicated Hi-Chew shopping experience”

In tandem with the launch of the ecommerce platform, the company is introducing a rewards program. By earning points from qualifying purchases, consumers will have the chance to redeem rewards for products and exclusive merchandise. Brand fans can sign up for a rewards account at no cost and receive a free Hi-Chew keychain with their first order of more than $15.